Friday, 9 November 2012

Practice Makes Perfect

This is a page from my Sketchbook Project book, rather than from my art journal. But I'm pretty much using them interchangeably at the moment so it's really the same thing.

I used my new Liquitex acrylic inks for the background. Yummy colours, very intense. And that swirled dotty pattern on the background... it's a total accident from moping up the excess with a paper towel. I'll be doing that again.

I continue to practice faces. No where near perfect of course. But it is rewarding to see something with reasonable proportions appear on my page.

My process:
1. Gesso page.
2. Acrylic inks dropped onto the page then excess mopped up with paper towel (cool!)
3. Paint a white acrylic oval
4. Draw face in pencil (not graphite - it smudges and runs into everything!)
5. Paint face using Inktense pencils (hair), Golden Fluid acrylic (face) and more acrylic inks.
6. Define features using coloured pencils and pitt pens.
7. Outline drawing.
8. Add acrylic ink yellow border.

I like that background accident!

I don't like the nose and lips. Again. But they're getting better, right?

Do you like drawing faces? Which bits do you find hardest to get right?


  1. Hi Kooky! Your practice is paying off. Your gal has a sweet face! I love the happy accident in the background - I've got to try that. Faces remain a challenge for me. I always have trouble with the proportion between the nose and mouth and the chin always ends up too big :) My faces often look like a reflection in a fun-house mirror (LOL). Have a good week! -Terri

    1. Thanks for your comment Terri. I know what you mean about those proportions. No matter how often someone tells me about how it all fits together I too find it hard... especially when drawing from real life. Better keep practicing together. :-)

  2. Fabulous! Like that background, especially the serendipitous circles :) I always find noses difficult. I'm doing a drawing course at the moment that is making me look at the light and shade on objects. It's helping me to improve, bit by bit. Practice, practice, practice!
    Have a great weekend.

    1. Thanks for your comment Tracy. I've always found courses help when you're finding something doesn't come easy. They say once you can draw a nose realistically you can draw anything! I hope you continue to improve. :-)

  3. I do like the sketch/painting. I am glad you told the 'how' you did the painting. It is so helpful to me reminding me of that great PPF blog. You are definitely welcome to join us at Paint Party Friday. . . thanks for visiting my art blog. Blessings, Janet PPF

  4. I like your style! Will be back! Thanks for your visit I my blog too!


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