Thursday, 22 November 2012


I am beyond proud of this face... I really couldn't draw faces at all a month ago and now I feel I've made some progress.

I drew this face as part of my 'face a day' project after completing Jane Davenport's Draw Happy course. The course (and Jane's whimsical/wonderful view of the world) have done me the world of good. She suggested I fill the body with journalling, but I'm sitting with that idea for now because I just love the simplicity of the picture at the moment. Maybe I'll try it on a print out of it and see what it looks like first.

Do you ever try stuff out and if so how?

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Alone with the Sea

The Artists in Blogland challenge is up and I'm eager to take part. I like being part of such a nurturing community as I continue my art journey.

Headline Prompt:  Security:  What makes you feel safe and secure?  What rattles your sense of security?  Where do you go for comfort and refuge?
Color Prompt:  Cool colors (blues, greens, violets, etc.)
Quote Prompt: You can't make a place for yourself in the sun if you keep taking refuge under the family tree.  - Helen Keller

I've gone with the first and second prompts. Funnily enough I've made a place for myself in the sun by moving to Australia away from my family... :-)

My safe place is the seashore. Not staring out at the sea, but crouched over the tide line looking through shells and sea debris or in rock pools. It comes from my childhood where I have many happy memories of both my mum & dad sharing these moments with me.

Later in life I studied marine biology and it was the shells, the invertebrates & the seaweeds that fascinated me. I still live by the sea, 5 minutes walk away, so my safe place is never far.

My process

1. Gesso the page.
2. Draw shell like swirls in Neocolour II crayons then blend them with water.
3. Splatter Ariondacks ink (denim & espresso) over.
4. Draw shell shapes, colour with Neocolour II, cut out and gel medium to the page.
5. Draw the little girl then paint with acrylics.
6. Write my memory and highlight with orange gel pen.
7. Orange & black paint splatters.

I like the movement in the writing.

I don't like... nothing! :-)

I hope your safe place is always near too.

Friday, 9 November 2012

Practice Makes Perfect

This is a page from my Sketchbook Project book, rather than from my art journal. But I'm pretty much using them interchangeably at the moment so it's really the same thing.

I used my new Liquitex acrylic inks for the background. Yummy colours, very intense. And that swirled dotty pattern on the background... it's a total accident from moping up the excess with a paper towel. I'll be doing that again.

I continue to practice faces. No where near perfect of course. But it is rewarding to see something with reasonable proportions appear on my page.

My process:
1. Gesso page.
2. Acrylic inks dropped onto the page then excess mopped up with paper towel (cool!)
3. Paint a white acrylic oval
4. Draw face in pencil (not graphite - it smudges and runs into everything!)
5. Paint face using Inktense pencils (hair), Golden Fluid acrylic (face) and more acrylic inks.
6. Define features using coloured pencils and pitt pens.
7. Outline drawing.
8. Add acrylic ink yellow border.

I like that background accident!

I don't like the nose and lips. Again. But they're getting better, right?

Do you like drawing faces? Which bits do you find hardest to get right?

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Black & White

Another entry for Fall Fearless & Fly from me. I'm enjoying the challenge of creating within the boundaries they've chosen for us...

This time I've just gone with the colour prompt - Black & White - and, you know what, I really like what's come out of it.

I'm starting to work out a process for my art. There's an order to the way I do things that seems to make the final piece more cohesive and complete.

1. Gesso whole page (I like the look of all my art supplies on gesso - except watercolours)
2. Add paper pieces if I'm using them.
3. Paint or inks.
4. Collage if I'm using it.
5. Stamps/texture
6. Main feature
7. Detail
8. Doodling

What's your process? Is it different each time or have you found a way that always works?

Of course, the best thing about working out a process like this is then doing things differently and seeing where it takes you. Got to love that.

Big love going out to Jane Davenport for her fabulous tutorials. I can finally draw a reasonable looking face!

Sunday, 4 November 2012

All Eyes On Her

This art journal page is inspired by the amazing Teesha Moore. She rocks the collage art journal world in my opinion and I see her style/influences in a lot of places.

Despite my alter ego being neckless & half legged I kind of like her. And I like the bright colours on the page, and my writing in my journalling. I feel like I'm about to fall so much of the time at the moment... hey ho. It's great to have somewhere to say that.