Friday, 19 October 2012

The Masks We All Wear

I've been feeling like I needed to hide my emotions this week as I've watched my 3 year old starting Montessori. He's been finding it hard and, while I want him to know it's OK to have any feeling, I know I have to show him that I'm strong. Even when I want to cry at how upset he is.  Ah well.

Here's this week's piece and my process.

  1. Wet the paper and drop ink colours, allowing them to spread. 
  2. Stamp a script stamp all over the page.
  3. Cut out a mask from paper and glue to page.
  4. Paint mask in gold acrylic.
  5. Add sewing lines (in pen).
  6. Paint some of the pieces with watered down acrylic.
  7. Stamp the journalling.
I like the sewing lines and how it does what quilting does.

I don't like what happened when I inked over the gesso I used to prepare my page (at the right hand side).

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